Occupying the middle-ground between Scientists and the rural community
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Research and Activism
[ ?posts_id=1598580&dest=-1]

Lessons learned in science communication
[ ?posts_id=1598622&dest=-1]

Drama as a tool in education
[ ?posts_id=1598661&dest=-1]

How to transfer research into practice
[ ?posts_id=1564492&dest=-1]

The ethics of public engagement
[ ?posts_id=1564481&dest=-1]

Community Engagement through Science Festivals
[ ?posts_id=1564466&dest=-1]

About the Wellcome Trust Community Engagement Workshop
[ ?posts_id=1564441&dest=-1]

How to write a successful grantship application
[ ?posts_id=1564422&dest=-1]

Science – Art Partnerships and public engagement
[ ?posts_id=1564373&dest=-1]

Taking regard of the research circle when thinking of public engagement
[ ?posts_id=1564347&dest=-1]

Engaging parlamentarians with research
[ ?posts_id=1564335&dest=-1]

Different stories about public engagement
[ ?posts_id=1564305&dest=-1]

Working with the media in Vietnam
[ ?posts_id=1564264&dest=-1]

Think about two-way communication and not just about trainings
[ ?posts_id=1564245&dest=-1]

Key questions concerning public engagement
[ ?posts_id=1564214&dest=-1]

How the Africa Centre engages its stakeholders
[ ?posts_id=1564206&dest=-1]

Science Cafes in the UK and Uganda
[ ?posts_id=1564183&dest=-1]

For mutual understanding between scientists and activists
[ ?posts_id=1564169&dest=-1]

How to get scientists communicate with journalists
[ ?posts_id=1564150&dest=-1]

How to engage the media in science conferences
[ ?posts_id=1564136&dest=-1]

The challenge to get the African media to publish on science
[ ?posts_id=1564118&dest=-1]

The Effectiveness of public engagement

[ ?posts_id=1564111&dest=-1]

Building partnerships between academics and the media
[ ?posts_id=1564090&dest=-1]

The value of participation for better results
[ ?posts_id=1564073&dest=-1]

The importance of public engagement to make effective use of research
[ ?posts_id=1564059&dest=-1]

Science education in rural schools needs to be fun
[ ?posts_id=1564047&dest=-1]

The role of the media in science communication
[ ?posts_id=1564026&dest=-1]

About the Wellcome Trust Workshop on Community Engagement
[ ?posts_id=1564016&dest=-1]

Context-specific engagement in science communication
[ ?posts_id=1564006&dest=-1]

Is engagement ethically neutral?
[ ?posts_id=1563956&dest=-1]

South African and Kenyan experience with Science Cafes
[ ?posts_id=1559818&dest=-1]


2 responses to “Videos

  1. Hi,

    This is one of the sites in this blog I have really enjoyed. Listening to different individuals has given me not only a snapshot of the parallel sessions I missed, but also a wide range of views to ponder in the next while. Thanks to each one of you, and Wellcome Trust for bringing together these people with such vast and divergent experinces and ideas.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Maria Elizabeth Fassa

    I am interested in building in my mind a clear portrait about public engagement, the different paradigms that inform the term, the different options on how to do/promote public engagement, the different aims according to each paradigm and to make an idea on how to think on public engagement for Brazil.
    Listening to these videos I select many points focused for each one and gathering this with the reading I make before the workshop and the brochures I select from the ones made available during the seminar I think I will get the point that I am willing.
    The videos were a great help. Thank you to all of you.
    Elizabeth Fassa

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