Worshop session on equipping scientists with media skills

Equipping Scientists with Media Skills – Workshop

December 4, 2008


Presenters:  Craig Brierley and Katrina Nevin-Ridey – Welcome Trust Media Office,


Useful tips and guidelines were shared with participants with regards to media skills for scientists.  Craig and Katrina suggested that scientists, when doing a media release, need to be very clear about what they expect to get out of the media exposure.  Advantages of media for scientists and the various types of media were discussed. 


The Media Liaison Office, according to Craig and Katrina, should be encouraged to prepare scientists for interviews and to make scientists aware of the benefits of media. Positive media interaction is a good public engagement tool. Scientists need to be prepared for different types of questions that could be asked – the media liaison office can assist in this regard by prepping scientists for the interview. A good relationship between media and scientist will discourage incorrect and bad publicity. The aim is to bring together the two worlds of science and media.


By Debbie Railoun & Sarah Bok, Medical Research Council, South Africa


One response to “Worshop session on equipping scientists with media skills

  1. It is one of the things that scientist tend to neglect, not realizing it importance. If possible I would like the any handout or presentation of this workshop.

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